honest disingenuous amazing smartphone video cluster by #TaborRobak
Tonight my comrade #GioBlackPeter is opening his latest (nighttime only) solo show #NIGHTGARDENER at 10pm at the @bgsqd in NYC. I’m a part of his midnight performance of THE LONGEST NIGHT OF THE YEAR. If youre out and about, please come!
#Sharpied blazer for my friend @detailsdiary  #alldayidraw
#Sharpied blazer for my friend @detailsdiary  #alldayidraw
dem bones #tbt #SUPERM @henry.coin @slavamogutin @pleasedonotenter #skyhighfilm
#touchy tuesday
Marky Mouthwash #cleanonme

Sky High from Brian Kenny on Vimeo.


Camera / direction: Slava Mogutin & Brian Kenny
Sound / editing: Brian Kenny
Styling: Emmanuel Renoird & Nicolas Libert

Starring (in order of appearance): Matthieu Charneau, Tristan Dikkers-Vorontsov, Ariadna Dikkers-Vorontsova, Henry Coin, Martin Gregory, and David McCreary

Artwork, fashion, design & accessories by aƫdle, Arik Levy, Brian Kenny, Denis Colomb, Gertrud & George, Kobja, LuckyBoySunday, Misericordia, Planet Cipher, Ursul, Valentin Loellmann, 22/4 Hommes-Femmes

Special Thanks to Jan-Willem Dikkers & Issue Magazine, Rodger at Success Lab, Sharp & Durk at Tom of Finland Foundation, and Congrats! Magazine

Commissioned and produced by Please Do Not Enter | pleasedonotenter.com
DTLA, July 2014

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SUPERPOSITIONS in the latest issue of The Holy Male Magazine. #superpositionsbk
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